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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  November 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the creator did that because of, quote, potential legal action. steve, back to you. steve: thank you, liz. developing story out of new jersey. officials say parts of hoboken could remain without water service until after thanksgiving. this after a major water main break yesterday. a 36 inch valve failed. that's a biggie. as crews attempted to repair a break near the jersey city border. it will take several days to repair the additional damage. >> we will know more in the next 24 hours when they're able to get in and make the repairs to that valve because they first need to make the repairs to the jersey city valve and then they'll be able to get access and see what's really happening in hoboken. >> boil water advisory remains in effect. people should boil all water for drinking or cooking for a minute. >> a person crossing the street was hit by an mta bus at the corner of madison and jackson just before noon. the person was rushed to bellevue hospital. the injuries aren't as bad as thought. they're in stable condition.
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the nypd is looking into it. at this point, no charges have been filed against the bus driver. dari: new developments in the fight against isis. >> while belgium remains on high alert. britain will be joining the bombing campaign. sharon crowley brings us up to date on this. >> reporter: thanksgiving holiday to follow. certainly many are concerned about the isis threat. the department of homeland security says there is no credible threat and we should continue with our travel plans as scheduled as the search for those responsible in paris moved to belgium. so far, they have not found salah abdeslam. abdeslam is wanted for helping to carry out the deadly attacks in paris. his brother was one of the suicide bombers. during a violent raid in paris last week, french police killed the man behind the plot and captured others.
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france and would be hiding in belgium or germany. schools, shops and subways in brussels remain closed as part of the security lockdown. today the french president and paris. the prime minister says he plans to ask parliament for permission to join air strikes against isis in syria. >> it's in our national interest that we degrade and destroy this dreadful organization and the terror it has brought down. >> reporter: the threat has cities on alert. in new york city, a previously scheduled terror attack drill, included a fake suicide bomber, added since the terror attacks in paris. the department of homeland security says there is no credible threat against the u.s. and people should continue their holiday plans. >> there remain no credible and york city. but we remain not only vigilant. we're drilling all different scenarios as you saw on sunday.
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preparation for the parade. >> reporter: congressman peter king says we still have to be vigilant. >> even though they have the encrypted apps, we have ways of finding out what they're doing, not as good as a year or two ago, but we're doing all we can. we have to make a decision. are we going to go into hiding or employ the best defense we have and if we see something, to let the police know. >> reporter: we have developing news out of france. french police officials say an explosive vest was found in a suburb on the southern edge of paris. it contained the explosives used in the attacks two weeks ago. it wasn't known if the vest that was found was abandoned by salah abdeslam, the man they are continuing to try to find. dari: sharon, thank you. there's a new smartphone app to fight terrorism here in new york state called see something and send something. it allows you to capture suspicious activity like a photo
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info to the state intelligence center. report only potential threats, like a bag or backpack left unattended in a public space. the app is free for all iphone and android phones. steve: in new jersey, lawmakers express their outrage on congress' failure to renew the zadroga act. booker and menendez want congress to renew the program, parts of which expired in september. the act provides health benefits to first responders affected by cancer and other diseases from exposure at ground zero and financial aid to them and their families. >> we should not have to be here. it is a shame upon our nation that we are begging congress, people, to do what's right. steve: senator booker says 5,000 people in new jersey are enrolled for benefits under the zadroga act. dari: a former uconn student who went on a tirade about mac and
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the 19-year-old applied for accelerated rehab at his arraignment today. he is facing charges after his arrest last month. he was caught on camera ranting and shoving a supervisor for refusing to sell him jalapeno bacon mac and cheese. closing arguments today in the public corruption trial of former new york state assembly speaker shelley silver, accused of taking millions in kickbacks. a prosecutor says the one-time albany powerbroker took bribes in exchange for official acts. the 71-year-old democrat quit his post after his arrest but has kept his seat in the assembly. steve: the city council considering new restrictions over the use of drones here in the five boroughs. the unmanned aircraft are a big topic of debate following numerous sightings near airports with a million expected to be purchased this holiday season. some lawmakers are worried it will create a major safety risk.
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where and how high unmanned drones can be flown. they want civilian drone orders to have to register their device. >> these say to the world new york city is no place for the uav technology. if you remove the word, people will think it's about guns or toxic chemicals or something serious like that. steve: the federal task force is recommending legislation that would require drones be registered with the faa. a ruling on that is expected next month. we'll have the story coming up at 6:00. this is going to be a big thing heading into the holidays. dari: seems like everybody is buying them. a queens family thought they'd be spared life in a shelter when they were placed in a new apartment. now they've been told they need to get out and fast. lisa evers explains what is the problem behind this. >> reporter: after leaving the city shelter system, this family was looking forward to spending their first thanksgiving here in their new apartment. but now they're worried about a knock on the door from the city marshals, not because they
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didn't pay their rent. the four-year-old daughter was at school when we visited loretta and fernando. after two years in a city shelter, they qualified for the department of homeless services link rent assistance program and were excited to have a two bedroom apartment. on sunday, they were slapped with an immediate vacate order. >> i need this fixed. i try my best. i do everything i could to do what i can do. it's not right. it's not right. >> reporter: dhs says the policy is to have inspectors check the apartments before families are placed in housing and that they take the issue seriously. the program is a way to move people from shelters to permanent housing. >> they let us move in. it's a city program. so i don't understand why we would have to suffer. they're saying the marshals will put us out. but i don't understand why. >> reporter: we reached out to the owner of the multi-family
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home but were unable to speak to them. the order applied to a basement apartment rented for $1,000 cash. dhs plans to send a team to help the family so they don't end up back in the shelter. they believe in the program. >> i think it's very beneficial for a lot of people. it's just that some of the landlords is abusing it. >> reporter: the family says they were just getting back on their feet and then this happened. now they're hoping they can get some answers. in jamaica queens, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. steve: new yorkers always looking for the next great workout. alison morris takes us to the mile high run club, the first indoor treadmill studio. dari: and go inside manhattan's newest micro apartment complex where small doesn't mean it
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steve: it is the first indoor running studio in new york city. dari: and there's buzz it could be the next big thing. alison morris is here with more on the mile high run club. >> reporter: this is very cool. i'm a big runner. i have to admit put me on a treadmill, i want to die. steve: i'm with you. >> it's difficult to get people to get on a treadmill. asking them to pay to run inside on the treadmill can be a
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deborah was sure she'd get runners to come and she convinced friends, family and angel investors to back her plan and get mile high run club off the ground. >> on east fourth street, mile high run club is taking the eye out of running on treadmills. >> people have been alone on it for so long, the group fitness class, people take advantage of the energy in the room and push themselves harder than they would on their own. >> deborah came up with the idea for a treadmill studio after coaching runners for years and realizing they needed a place to perfect their speed runs, improve their performance and build endurance. >> i saw a real need for this. i was 100 percent convinced that if we built it, they would come. the runners would come. the nonrunners would come. >> reporter: they have.
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>> we've had 60,000 visits, 15,000 customers, about 1700 who come per week. we've had 3,000 classes in our first year and average 70 a week. >> reporter: their first anniversary is this month and she's opening her second studio next year and expanding the program to include 12 and 16 week half marathon and marathon training. you don't have to be experienced to join the club. beginners are welcome. >> i direct those customers to the dash class, dash 28. it's less than 30 minutes on the treadmill. it covers two to three miles on average in that class. it's a fantastic class for a beginner. >> reporter: you don't even need your own shoes. if you think you've run on a treadmill before, chances are never one like this in an
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environment like this. >> i really love the woodway treadmill. there's no comparison to any other treadmill, in my opinion. it's built like a tank. feels like you're running on a trail. >> reporter: single classes start at $32. they have packages and an unlimited monthly plan that's 199. your first class is 25. i have to mention their coaches, unbelievable athletes. they have an ultra runner, a pro athlete, olympians. people who are serious about what they're doing. you're still on a treadmill. for some people, it's tough. steve: everybody wants to be the next sole cycle. on. >> reporter: a great class. dari: it is motivating to be with the other people that are pushing you. i thought it was. >> you don't want to be the only guy who's walking off the treadmill. motivates you. steve: peer pressure. let's get to nick. this does segue perfectly. it was cold this morning. this is one of the first days you didn't want to bother with
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being outside and running. morning. a little more wind this morning morning. we'll be around 22, 23 this morning. it will be 20s in the suburbs. should be a nice day. a little more cloud cover tomorrow. we only managed 44 for the high today. so we are below average now. average high should be at 51. average low at 40. look at the record low at 14. that's not coming anytime soon. a warming trend is coming through the rest of the week. 6:53 sunrise. it's setting at 4:32. have a few clouds in some spots. 39. humidity dry. wind out of the north-northwest. rise. we should see clouds come in as the night goes along. clouds. time. it will be a cold night. fox 5 sky guardian not showing anything going on tonight. take a look at the temps. these are the highs.
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43 at belmar. 42 poughkeepsie. 36 monticello. back to the middle 40s from islip east to montauk at 47. not far from the temperatures now, we have cooled into the upper 30s around town. back towards poughkeepsie, 37. monticello at 28. and they're down to 20 in that area tonight. 42 as you head towards montauk. look at the temperature change from 24 hours ago. close to 10 degrees difference across most of the area. there's the north-northwest wind. it was gusting over 20 miles an hour. it will back off tonight and become westerly tomorrow at 5 miles an hour. we've a freeze watch for the new york city area. that's going to be happening overnight. temperatures will be close to freezing. some areas that haven't had frost may get a chance of frost tonight around the city. we've seen that out in the suburbs. where are the clouds coming from? this system is falling apart. these clouds aren't doing much survive. we'll see clouds come in.
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west. as it does happen, we'll find this northwest to westerly airflow continue. as it slides to the east, the wind shift will occur and we'll start seeing a west to west-southwesterly wind through the week. wait until you see what the temperatures will be like for thanksgiving. i alluded to this last week. we could be seeing a mild thanksgiving. that will be the case. 44 lunchtime. 48 in the afternoon tomorrow. a good-looking day. a combination of sun and clouds. wednesday, big travel day. no worries. the warm front means temperatures will start rising quite nicely for wednesday into the end of the week. clouds tonight. it's cold. 33 in midtown. 20s for the suburbs. tomorrow, sun and clouds. up to 48. still below average tomorrow. there we go. 52 wednesday. good travel day with sunshine. there's thanksgiving this year.
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nice to be outside. 61. after you have had your meal, you can go for a nice walk or run. maybe not run. friday, sun and clouds. 64. that's mild. we'll cool down on saturday. showers the first half of the day. back to chilly stuff sunday and monday. sunday looks good. steve: looks phenomenal. as good as we'll do for thanksgiving. thank you. new yorkers used to squeezing into tiny apartments, but small doesn't come cheap. dari: audrey puente takes us on a tour of some pricey new micro units. >> reporter: leasing kicked off today at new york city's first micro unit development. caramel place on east 27th is a nice story building that contains 55 studio apartments. the project developer says it focuses on what a new york city developer needs. >> it's really meant to be the necessity that someone in manhattan is going to want to
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use in an apartment space like this. >> reporter: they range in size from 260 to 360 square feet. they can be rented furnished or unfurnished within a price range of 2500 to $3,000. the building includes rent stabilized units and units set aside for homeless veterans. in order to maximize use, built in multipurpose convertible furniture is used, perfect for resting and relaxing. the bathroom is large enough for a wheelchair and has a standup shower. the kitchen has a range, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher with plenty of counter space. if you're concerned about size being an issue for entertaining, that's not the case. there's plenty of room. they use ali to enhance the tenant experience. >> we provide housekeeping, cable, wi-fi, and a personal consequence
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concierge service and programming of different events. >> reporter: the micro units are more than just a place to sleep at night. >> it's a whole life style we're trying to sell. that's something that doesn't exist on the market right now. people are currently trying to figure out ways to shoe horn themselves into weird living arrangements. this is for people who want out of that. >> reporter: audrey puente, fox 5 news. dari: wow. some big talent will debut on broadway. next, simone boyce introduces us to the newest cast of the color purpose. steve: jennifer hudson. and a new beginning for a den kids on long island. what's making this thanksgiving extra special for their
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dari: wow. these are big name singers that are coming to broadway's production of the color purple. steve: that's right. simone boyce with a preview of their powerhouse performances. to hush my mouth
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and you fill with a song >> reporter: it's hard to believe this is your broadway debut. why do i feel you've done this before? >> that is so strange. that was almost everything. >> reporter: jennifer hudson belted her way to gospel gold in color girls. >> i wanted to make sure the timing was right. >> based on the book and film of the same name, the color purple follows the profoundly empowering transformation of sealy, a poor black woman in the '30s who rose above impossible circumstances. while the revival is a coming out party for hudson, it's launching leading lady into stardom. >> you played sealy in london. this is your broadway debut. >> i'm ready for whatever craziness it might bring. i think if i'd have had this happen two, three years ago, i wouldn't have been ready for it. >> reporter: with grace and warmth, this breakout sensation
5:23 pm
the theatre audience erupted in two standing ovations. >> as opposed to feeling sorry for her, i empathize. i understand where she's coming from. as cynthia, it's taken a way to be confident and comfortable in who and what i am. >> hudson is shug avery, her confidante. >> she's so much like me. i'm like, oh, i've got a lot of shug in me. that's how i really feel. >> reporter: orange is the new black actress danielle brooks adds sass and heart to the production. this is the role she was born to play and one she shares with oprah. >> sophia is all about strength. for me, i have no time for weakness, for doubt, for fear. >> reporter: in an alternate universe, if tasty and sophia
5:24 pm
>> they'd both be in jail. >> the three are powerhouses on their own. together, they divinely compliment one another, forming a trio broadway will be buzzing about for years. what's your prayer for the show? >> i pray, i truly believe it will be a lasting show. >> reporter: simone boyce, fox 5 news. steve: amazing. dari: i'd see her do anything. steve: protests at a plan in harlem. why some say it's spreading messages of hate rather than lessons of love. dari: the mta tells us the
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steve: there's been a big backlash to boards. dari: they target the l gchlt bchlt b tchlt lgbt. zack is outside the church where a protest is planned for later tonight. what's happening, zachary? >> reporter: there's one lone protestor right now.
5:28 pm
this will get going in an hour. off 123rd, this sign behind me, a church thought of as place to bring people together, it's drawing a lot of attention for the hateful messages they're posting on their message board behind me. folks in the neighborhood say they've had enough. the messages, many of them, have hinged on anti-muslim rhetoric and target the lgbt community. at one time it was president obama. today it's drawing attention again for its attacks on the lgbt community. i talked to pastor david manning. he defended the message board saying this is the message of the lord, taken straight from the bible. i've talked to a couple of people who said he has been fined from the landmark commission. he confirmed that. into the thousands the fines have reached. he says he will not stop. here today.
5:29 pm
they say this has no place in their community here, and i had an opportunity to talk to a couple of them. let's hear from them. >> i'm not gay, but i have friends that are, and there's people that i love who are. i don't want them to be fearful walking down the street that they're going to -- that someone is going to take encouragement from a sign and hurt them. >> i don't believe in using the word of god to suppress people or make people feel anything besides love or positivity in general. >> reporter: anything but love when you see this sign here in harlem. interesting enough, the pew research did a study that says that one-third of millennials identify as unaffiliated with any faith. many contend that's because of outdated views in the church and views that don't speak to inclusion. i don't know if this is part of that or not. back to you guys in the studio. dari: thank you. two people are charged in
5:30 pm
near penn station earlier this month. 23-year-old francisco alsina is facing murder and attempted murder charges. 27-year-old vincent arcona is charged with tampering with physical evidence. on november 9th, police say alsina shot three men at a subway station on west 35th street after a confrontation at a nearby mcdonald's. one of the men died -- one man died and two others survived. steve: mayor de blasio made a major today, unveiling thrive nyc to make sure new yorkers can need. >> it means when someone has a problem, they can call a number and get a human being who will navigate for them, who will find the help they need. steve: according to the mayor's office, one in five adult new yorkers may need treatment for a mental health disorder each year.
5:31 pm
among the nation's top 10 traffic bottlenecks, two are in our area. the study conducted by the american highway users alliance shows the lincoln tunnel as the eighth worst bottleneck in the country. that's one place ahead of the cross bronx expressway near the gw bridge. the study was based on lost time and fuel wasted as well as increased crash risks. the van wyck, brooklyn bridge and the lie make up the top 50 bottlenecks in the country. steve: plenty to go around. the mta blaming sick passengers for creating many delays on the subways. officials say 3,000 delays per month are caused by people suffering from some kind of medical condition, including fainting, seizures and heart attacks. that's double from 2012. the mta says other top reasons for subway delays including overcrowding, equipment problems and bad weather.
5:32 pm
dozen children in nassau county. they have left foster care to begin new lives with their adoptive families. jodi goldberg brings us the emotional celebration. >> i'm so happy because i have a family that cares about me and loves me to death. >> reporter: they're tears of joy on one of the best days of their lives. 12-year-old jasmine and 10-year-old jocelyn call vivian and eric mom and dad. the couple had been fostering them for two years. today the adoptions were finalized. >> they get a regular life and not feel like where am i going tomorrow? where will i sleep the next day? >> reporter: in honor of national adoption month, the two are part of 16 with new homes. since 2002, nassau county finalized homes for more than 230 children. for the girls, it's a moment they've been waiting their whole lives for. >> i'm just so emotional.
5:33 pm
it's a happy day. >> i've never had a family so far, and this is the day i'm actually so happy. >> reporter: patricia says this is the most special day. she has three older children and now she has three more. danny, steven and jennifer. the retired teacher always wanted a big family. >> just knowing that i could give them hugs and i am really mommy, you know. i am their mommy. good, bad or indifferent, we're together regardless. >> reporter: in nassau county, if you're certified to foster a child, you're eligible to be the adoptive parent once the child becomes free for adoption. this process can take on average from a year to three years. i'm told it's worth the wait at the reward of raising a child lasts a lifetime. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: tens of thousands of people we know are in line for organ transplants. some are waiting much longer than others.
5:34 pm
ahead at 5:00, we will look at some of the reasons why and whether having money could shorten your wait time. of course. steve: and before you hit the thanksgiving dinner table, take our holiday food quiz. from turkey to stuffing, see if you're making the right choices. dari: who cares on thanksgiving. first, here's tonight's new york minute. minute. >> there we go. happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. dari: thanksgiving week means it's time to give out the donated turkeys and sides. the bronx borough president ruben diaz helped with the effort. 400 were handed out courtesy of fresh direct. "empire" star raquel castro came home to help the island harvest food bank distribute turkeys. >> to be able to help someone and put a smile on a child's face, that's why i'm here. i just want to help out and give back. dari: 300 turkeys were handed
5:35 pm
out this morning and the star power helps the cause. >> having celebrities involved with us really does make a difference. it brings another awareness to issues of hunger and poverty and also that you can do something about it. they see she's stepping up and helping and rolling up her sleeves and getting involved. it paves the way for others to
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dari: the wait for an organ transplant can be long and difficult for a lot of people. steve: some people don't have to wait as long because they have list. jen lahmers takes a closer look. >> reporter: steven has beaten the odds his whole life but he's afraid his luck will run out if he doesn't get a heart transplant soon. >> this is the third time i'm being told i have a year to >> reporter: born with a heart condition, he's had three open heart surgeries and one transplant. in april on his 62nd birthday, he had a heart attack. in august, once again, found himself on the waiting list for a new heart. >> you are of the persuasion you won't survive the list? >> me and my doctor are. >> he'll be traveling to california for a new heart, using his retirement money to
5:38 pm
>> we have to get an apartment and do all that stuff, you know, and maintain this house. >> reporter: according to a study, new york has the third lowest rate of organ donation in the country, with only 22 percent of people registered as donors. that's compared to the national average of 48 percent. in many cases, that's forced people like this to list themselves in other states, something that increases your odds, but it's very expensive. patients on multiple waiting lists have to pay for a new set of tests, which can range from $23,000 to $51,000. a recent columbia university study found people who are on multiple waiting lists have higher transplant rates and are less likely to die while waiting. this 25-year-old andrew jones is waiting for a new heart in connecticut. he's listed in three states. he says while money plays a part, it's all about the donors. that's why he started the hearts at large foundation to raise awareness.
5:39 pm
back while i was in the hospital and look at what my situation was. i still was able to realize there are people in bar worse conditions than i am in. >> reporter: taibbi says he'll do whatever it takes to make it off the list for good. >> we came to the conclusion it would be better if i spent retirement, we worried about my living, maybe i'll have to move into a cardboard box or something, but i'll be alive. >> reporter: jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. dari: fox 5 health news is next. and we are taking a thanksgiving food quiz. lisa is arming us with the info to make smart choices. steve: i'll be so smart. and a chef who is taking the culinary world by storm and
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dari: fox 5 health news. and when you sit down to your thanksgiving dinner in a couple of days, the cards will be stack the against your diet. experts say the average holiday feast can be more than 4,000 calories, and for most of us, willpower goes out the window. steve: i let myself go until
5:42 pm
joining us, lisa drayer to talk about splurge and making good choices. we'll walk through it. we know we're regular people. you probably don't care when you sit down to eat. you'll eat what you want. in case you do, we'll walk through a few different things. >> we want to point out some people have health issues to be concerned with. diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease. or they're watching their weight. i often say pick four or five special occasions throughout the year in general where you'll splurge. steve: so you don't feel cheated. steve: we -- >> we can make smarter choices. let's limit it to a day's worth of calories. string bean casserole or spinach? >> creamed spinach is -- dari: what? >> it's a slimmer choice.
5:43 pm
only 15 calorie difference. think about what's in it. the french fried onion, the full fat milk. go for a lighter option. dari: you're not putting heavy cream in the creamed spinach? >> reduced fat cream of mushroom and fresh onions of the fried french onions. possible. that's my favorite. >> i have to share the recipe. no. 2, roasted cauliflower or brussel sprouts. steve: cauliflower. dari: i agree. >> they're pretty much the same. we're talking about 110 calories. the key that makes a difference is how small you slice your roasted vegetables. the smaller you slice, the more surface area exposed and the more oil in. steve: cornbread stuffing or sweet potato casserole?
5:44 pm
>> which has fewer calories? steve: wall street potatoes -- sweet potato. >> no. the stuffing. and cranberry sauce or gravy? steve: cranberry has lots of sugar. >> good one. made with sugar and orange juice. it boosts the calories. enjoy it, but limit to a tablespoon. instead of the big serving spoons. cut back by using smaller spoons. steve: good, good. dari: forget everything you heard and just enjoy yourself. steve: get back on it friday. dari: and exercise. steve: nick, let's talk about the weather. the weather is going to be thanksgiving. thanksgiving day. that will be nice. should be filled with good amount of sunshine as the day goes along. you can take that nice walk and start to burn the calories as
5:45 pm
quickly as you put them on. today if you had to walk around, you had to do it at a quick pace. 44 in new york today. 43 in philly. one of the coolest days we've seen so far. tomorrow morning it will be chilly again. 39 at albany. buffalo, 37. 36 as you got towards the pittsburgh area. nothing on fox 5 sky guardian tonight. should be a quiet week. don't expect much weather-wise and a warming trend as time goes along. you see clouds to the west. further west there are snow showers by pittsburgh north to erie and canada. that will fall apart. we will see some of the clouds later on. that will be the worst of it. definitely a chill in the area. close to freezing in new york city. that's why the freeze watch is up as you head towards manhattan and towards brooklyn and queens into the bronx. staten island is not included in that. it will be cold. we're down to 39 in the city. 37 poughkeepsie. 28 monticello. 34 at sussex.
5:46 pm
37 at belmar. upper 30s eastward towards montauk at 42. a lot of the area will be in the 20s. the wind has been out of the north-northwest 10, 20 miles an hour. that's backing off. it will be a westerly wind tomorrow at 5 to 10 miles an hour. that's because high pressure is building in from the south and west to give us that west-northwesterly cooler airflow. what goes down this side of the high pressure means this side of the high pressure starts warming things up. you'll see in our forecast here as far as temperatures go tomorrow, while we're chilly and in the mid to a couple of upper 40s, notice what's happening to kansas city and memphis. 50s to 60. this is the milder air that will start coming right back up towards us from wednesday and beyond. let's look at the futurecast. you'll see the clouds come into the sky. tomorrow, a combination of sun and clouds. a good-looking day. a little chill in the air. upper 40s for highs. wednesday, great. big travel day.
5:47 pm
the area airports or on the highways. it will be nice and dry. that's when the warming trend begins. thanksgiving looks nice. 33 in the city. 20 to 25 in the suburbs. as we head into tomorrow, about 48 with sun and clouds. warming trend to 52 wednesday. 61 wednesday. friday, 64. a couple of showers saturday first half of the day 53. sunday looks good, just cooler. dari: thank you. tonight we bring you another inspiring story from our series our american dream. steve: jessica introduces us to a peruvian chef making his mark in the new jersey culinary world. [music] flish >> reporter: he grew up in the kitchen. he migrated to the united states with his family at the age of 1-1/2. >> they came to this country with a dream of being able to do more than what they possibly could have back home in peru. >> a family of chefs, three generations.
5:48 pm
juan's family arrived in new jersey 30 years ago and ran three smaller restaurants. >> it's part of my lynn ineage lineage, in my genes to do this every day. >> reporter: when do you decide that you want to do the same thing as your grandmother, your father and have your business? >> i remember feeling a love and passion for the industry pretty young. >> a passion that made him go to america. he then worked in some of new york city's top restaurants. in march of 2010, he opened up in montclair, home to some of the most renowned new jersey. >> this is octopus salads. there's peruvian tomato compost on the plate. there's sliced octopus that was
5:49 pm
and asparagus dressed in a chimichurri aioli. it's a really, really popular dish. it's peruvian ingredients and technique but kind of our own interpretation of a grilled octopus salad. >> reporter: taking the family's authentic peruvian secret recipes and giving them a twist of his own. why did you choose montclair? i don't see a lot of hispanic latino restaurants here. >> i thought the community was perfect for this style of restaurant. diversity. there may not be a plethora of latin american concepts, but there's a big variety of other cuisines from different parts of the world. >> reporter: everyone comes in for a taste of peru. they have been very successful, a latino family who packed up their life in a suitcase to follow what every immigrant wants to accomplish, the
5:50 pm
[speaking spanish] >> this is my life. thanks to my parents who came and brought me to this country, i'm happy to say that they immersed me in the culture of peru through cuisine. this is what i get to do every day. dari: i'm so hungry. we will see you back here at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. thank you very much. we are on top of everything for you tonight. keep it right here. in a minute, more on how the city tries to figure out how to keep the drones in check. that's so safety and privacy are not compromised. >> plus all new at 6:00, during this thanksgiving week, we start a special look at giving back. tonight we focus on the real impact of your food donations.
5:51 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the
5:54 pm
ernie: it is monday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you you for joining us. we are on top of the news and we're talking about it. let's start with this. christmas is about a month away. one of the hottest gifts will be something that's been causing plenty of problems around here. we're talking about drones. so today the city ramped up its efforts to figure out exactly how to regulate them. mac king is in the newsroom. tell us what happened. >> the faa expects 1 million new drones to enter american air space this holiday season. that's a big reason we're hearing so much about drones in so many places. the public safety and public transportation committees met to discuss how to keep new york safe and free in the world of drones. >> this is what you're proposing to regulate. it weighs less than three pounds, the same as the countless seagulls that fly around. >> one of the top drone lawyers, a vice president for a company, objected to a series of bills proposing to regulate drone use
5:55 pm
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